Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Your Vehicle

Does offer door-to-door service?

We do. In fact, in most cases we are able to offer four pick-up and delivery methods in order to best fit your needs.

Our Four Vehicle Shipping Pick-Up and Delivery Options
  • Door to Door - Our carrier will pick up your vehicle from your old location and deliver it to your new one.
  • Door to Terminal - We will pick up your vehicle from your original location and deliver it to our terminal closest to your destination. Then you will pick it up from us there.
  • Terminal to Door - You will drop off at our terminal and we will deliver to you, at your final destination.
  • Terminal to Terminal - You will drop off and pick up from our terminals. This is usually the most inexpensive choice.

If I’m shipping a vehicle to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or elsewhere overseas, how do I get it to the port?
For an additional charge, we can pick up the vehicle from a location that is more convenient to you. If you prefer to deliver it to the port from which it will sail, you may do so. Our staff will provide the name, address, and contact information for our office, or partner’s office at the port.
Please note that we are unable to provide return transportation for you after you drop off the vehicle with us.

What if I am not able to pick up my vehicle the day it arrives at its destination?
Typically, ports offer a grace period during which time they will hold your vehicle for free. After the grace period ends, they may begin assessing storage fees. The grace periods for some of our busiest ports of call are listed below. You can ask our customer service representative for the grace period at your port, if it is not on this list.
Location Grace Period
Anchorage 3 days
Dutch Harbor 7 days
Hawaiian Neighbor Islands 2 days
Honolulu 4 days
Kodiak 7 days
Long Beach 3 days
Oakland 3 days
Tacoma 3 days

For vehicles shipped overland from one of our terminals to another, our helpful customer service team can tell you the grace period at each terminal, if needed.

My vehicle is larger than typical vehicles. Will there be an additional charge for transporting it? can ship any vehicle, anywhere. We pride ourselves on offering vehicle transport that is timely, safe, and cost-effective. We consider many factors in our custom price quote, only one of which is size and type of vehicle.

Please complete the quick rate request form on this page to get started. One of our customer service staff will get back to you shortly to review all aspects of your custom quote. Or you can call us at 844-381-1734

Do I pay for auto transport before or after shipment?

We require payment on all vehicles before they are shipped.

How far in advance should I schedule my vehicle shipment?
Regardless of the season, we recommend that you begin planning your vehicle shipment as soon as possible. That way we can ensure delivery within your exact timeframe.

If you need immediate pickup, our trusted carriers are usually able to offer pickup within 24 hours.

Do I need to do anything special to prepare my car for this move?
Yes. There are several easy steps necessary to prepare your car for transport and to expedite the mandatory pre- and post-vehicle shipping inspection.

How long has been in the business of transporting cars, trucks, and other vehicles?
Sea-Land Service was the predecessor of our parent company, Horizon Lines, Inc.. They introduced ocean-borne containerization with a shipment aboard a converted World War II vessel in 1956.

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